Book Tour

Tour Dates:

Nashville, TN - 3/3/17 Milwaukee, WI - TBD
Louisville, KY - 3/7/17 Madison, WI - TBD
Indianapolis, IN - 3/8/17 Dallas, TX - TBD
Gridley, IN - 3/9/17
Houston, TX - TBD
Fort Wayne, IN - 3/13/17
Austin, TX - TBD
Birmingham, AL - April 18, 2017
Atlanta, GA - TBD
Little Rock, AR - April 20, 2017 Waterville, IA - June 29, 2017




Thanks for your interest in hearing JT's story. With over 30 years of experience in team-building and speaking engagements, JT delivers a powerful and captivating talk that will move your group towards ACTION! He is an avid proponent of adoption, the pro-life movement and orphan care. He's spoken at conferences, churches, fundraising events and numerous projects, and would be honored to energize your group.

JT's topics include:

     - The Both Hands Story of God transformation of pain into passion

     - Advocating the value and sanctity of life

     - Coaching leaders on building a healthy organization

     - Advice for couples on growing a healthy marriage

     - Encouragement for dreamers and entrepreneurs to pursue their calling

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